Daily Divination for October 2nd, 2012

a three card taro spread with the king of cups reversed, the three of wands and the four of swords reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The King of Cups Reversed

In the past, diplomacy has failed. You’ve been forced to go against your nurturing nature and act in a destructive manner to meet your goals.

Present: The Three of Wands

Today, you’re looking forward to a journey that may lead to financial gain and an escape from your past woes.

Future: The Four of Swords Reversed

If things continue along this path, you obtain the financial gain that you seek, but you will be haunted by the methods that you used to obtain it.

Basically, Internet, you’ve been trolling your opponents to drive them out crazy and make them quit the internets. You’ve recently moved your blog to a new domain that people will like more, but you will feel ashamed at all the other blogs and people you had to destroy to be successful.