Daily Divination for October 31st, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the sun reversed, the empress and the fool reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Sun Reversed

In the past, you were very lonely and had few friends.

Present: The Empress

Now, a strong woman has entered your life, with whom you share a sisterly bond.

Future: The Fool Reversed

If things continue along this path, you will find that you have made a bad decision and feel that you are unable to proceed with your goals.

Internet, you had an awkward phase that seemed to last an eternity. No one wanted to be around you for a long while. You’ve found a nice woman online that you talk to frequently, but, this being the internet, who knows if she is who she says she is. Actually, it’s going to turn out that’s she’s really one of your enemies and she’s been using your chat sessions to gather personal information about you. On the bright side, you’re going to be turned into a meme, but, on the negative side, all the things about you on the internet are going to harm your chances for future employment.