Daily Divination for November 18th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the queen of wands, the hermit reversed and strength
Past Present Future

Past: The Queen of Wands

In the past, you had a meaningful friendship with a very kind woman.

Present: The Hermit Reversed

Now, you find yourself acting immaturely and committing foolish acts.

Future: Strength

If things continue in his way, you will find yourself committing an act of valor.

Internet, your mom is your best friend. Well, actually, your only friend. So, why, when you are visiting her house, do you use her computer to troll others on the internet? An internet detective is going to mistake her for the real troll and you’re going to have to swoop in and save her from a drama bomb!

Daily Divination for October 29th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the three of wands, the eight of cups and the hermit reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Three of Wands

In the past, you were quite adept at business negotiations.

Present: The Eight of Cups

Now, you find that the business world no longer interests you, so you’ve abandoned it.

Future: The Hermit Reversed

If things continue along this path, you will suffer from your immature decisions and realize you should not have abandoned your business.

Internet, you made a lot of money selling your startup in Dot Com Bubble 2.0 and you decided that you’d like to retire at 25. Well, it turns out you needed far more money to support your lifestyle than you anticipated and now you’re broke. Too bad your first business’ success was just a fluke.