Daily Divination for October 4th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the emperor, the five of wands reversed and the chariot reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Emperor

In the past, you have clung to order and deferred to those in a position of authority.

Present: The Five of Wands Reversed

Right now, you trying and failing to imitate those authority figures that you looked up to.

Future: The Chariot Reversed

If things continue on this path, your willpower will be broken and you will be left dejected and powerless.

So, Internet, you were hanging around on a forum and you thought “Hey! Being a mod looks like fun. I’m going to make a forum of my own!”. Well, it isn’t so fun now, is it? These trolls are going to break you, kid. It doesn’t matter how many times you break out the banhammer, you’re never going to achieve order. Just go back to reddit and hang your head in shame.