Daily Divination for November 24th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the seven of pentacles reversed, the seven of wands and the high priestess
Past Present Future

Past: The Seven of Pentacles Reversed

In the past, a large loss of money caused you great anxiety.

Present: The Seven of Wands

Now, you have overcome your past troubles to gain success.

Future: The High Priestess

If things continue like this into the future, you will gain much knowledge and people will look to you as a teacher.

Internet, you spent way too much on Farmville microstransactions and you went broke. You have since turned things around and created a schedule and a budget plan for playing Farmville. You’ve started a blog about your playing strategy and, in the future, people are going to look to it as a great resource.

Daily Divination for November 10th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the two of cups reversed, the high priestess and the lovers reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Two of Cups Reversed

In the past, you were in an unsatisfactory relationship with a person that didn’t understand you.

Present: The High Priestess

Now, you have started a platonic relationship with a very wise person.

Future: The Lovers Reversed

If things continue in this way into the future, you will experience frustration in your love life.

Internet, your old significant other just couldn’t understand your interest in Warhammer 40,000. Since you’ve ended that relationship, you’ve struck up a friendship with a person that’s way into Dungeons & Dragons, and this new person understands your interests much better. Unfortunately, your new friend has decided to live the life of a celibate and lawful neutral paladin, so you two can never be anything more than friends.

Daily Divination for November 2nd, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the high priestess, the ten of swords reversed and temperance
Past Present Future

Past: The High Priestess

In the past, you relied on wisdom and logic. You were almost emotionless in your decision making.

Present: The Ten of Swords Reversed

Now, you are seeing a temporary financial gain. You don’t know what you’re going to do for money when your current situation ends.

Future: Temperance

If things continue this way, you will seek balance and moderation in your life.

Internet, Spock was your favourite Star Trek character. You modeled your life after his. The only problem is that your coldness turn other people off. You’ll need to learn to balance your logic and your emotions, if you want to continue to be successful in life.

Daily Divination for October 20th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with just,, the high priestess and the two of cups reversed
Past Present Future

Past: Justice

In the past, everything in you life was harmonious and balanced.

Present: The High Priestess

You find yourself now seeking higher learning.

Future: The Two of Cups Revsersed

If things continue along this path, you will find yourself unsatisfied in love.

Internet, sure, keeping to yourself and learning the abilities and strategy of every Magic: The Gathering card seems like a nice way you time now, but you’re never going to find yourself a person to spend your life with doing it.