Daily Divination for October 23rd, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the page of swords reversed, the ten of cups and the five of wands reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Page of Swords Reversed

In the past you knew a person that you later discovered was a fraud.

Present: The Ten of Cups

Now, you’ve overcome your dealings with this unscrupulous to create for yourself a life of love and contentment.

Future: The Five of Wands Reversed

Unfortunately, the horrible person from your past is going to return and trick you yet again.

Internet, you gave a person your Farmville password because they said they could get you lots of gold and special items. It turned out they were lying and they just stole all your cows instead. You’ve only just now gotten your farm back to the way you like it. Unfortunately, you’re going to fall for the same trick again in the future, because you are dumb.