Daily Divination for October 21st, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the king of pentacles, the star and temperance
Past Present Future

Past: The King of Pentacles

In the past you made several wise investments that paid off handsomely.

Present: The Star

Now, you are happy and full of hope for the future.

Future: Temperance

In the future, there will be a call for you to act in moderation and practice time management.

Internet, the LOTRO lifetime membership was a really good idea. The Riders of Rohan expansion was really great and it looks like the development team has lots of good stuff in store for the future. You just have to make sure that you aren’t playing all the time and you make time for friends and family.

Daily Divination for October 20th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with just,, the high priestess and the two of cups reversed
Past Present Future

Past: Justice

In the past, everything in you life was harmonious and balanced.

Present: The High Priestess

You find yourself now seeking higher learning.

Future: The Two of Cups Revsersed

If things continue along this path, you will find yourself unsatisfied in love.

Internet, sure, keeping to yourself and learning the abilities and strategy of every Magic: The Gathering card seems like a nice way you time now, but you’re never going to find yourself a person to spend your life with doing it.

Daily Divination for October 19th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the age of wands, the seven of pentacles and the three of swords
Past Present Future

Past: The Page of Wands

In the past, you made a very good friend, who has remained faithful to you to this day.

Present: The Seven of Pentacles

Now, you find that your business is growing and you have made vast financial gains.

Future: The Three of swords

Yet, in the future, you will be separated from your faithful friend and your business will falter.

Internet, your best friend and larping companion is going to fall in love and get a life. Making foam swords and selling them is just not going to be as fun anymore.

Daily Divination for October 18th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the wheel of fortune reversed, the ten of pentacles and the page of cups
Past Present Future

Past: The Wheel of Fortune Reversed

In the past you have suffered a lot of ill-luck and failures.

Present: The Ten of Pentacles

Now, you find that your luck has changed and you’ve recently achieved a large financial gain.

Future: The Page of Cups

If things continue in this way, you will meet a trustworthy business partner, who will help you achieve your goals.

Internet, you’ve tried coming up with ideas for t-shirt to sell online in the past, but all the phrases you would be hilarious to put on them ended falling flat. Luckily for you, you have recently come up with a t-shirt that was actually funny and it is selling well. In the future, you will meet up with a person who will be better at coming up with ideas, leaving the design aspect to you.

Daily Divination for October 17th, 2012

a three card tarot spread with the two of cups reversed, the page of cups and the ace of cups reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Two of Cups Reversed

In the past, you have had unsatisfactory relationships that have almost always ended badly.

Present: The Page of Cups

Now, you found that you have met a person that seems as though they would be very trustworthy and loyal. You think that things might end up better this time.

Future: The Ace of Cups Reversed

Unfortunately, this person will not love you in the same way that you love them. You might be able to be friends, but your heart will break every time that you interact with them.

Internet, you did a lot of internet dating and it turns out that 90% of people do not match their online descriptions. Recently, you met someone in real life that is a really great person and you love spending time with them, but, in the future, they are going to friendzone you and you will be let holding their stuff while they try on jeans.

Daily Divination for October 16th, 2012

 a three card tarot spread with the queen of pentacles reversed, the eight of swords and the lovers reversed
Past Present Future

Past: The Queen of Pentacles Reversed

In the past, you have had dealings with an untrustworthy individual. This has soured you on future relationships.

Present: The Eight of Swords

Today, you find yourself feeling sick over your past dealings and almost in a state of crisis.

Future: The Lovers Reversed

If things continue along this path, you’ll find yourself unable to trust anyone and your future relationships will be doomed.

Internet, you fapped to a trap and now you can’t go back.